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Door-to-Door Service

A brand new service offered exclusively by Preston Bicycle Repair! Why waste your Saturday with a busted bike, fighting traffic to the bike shop, standing in line behind the other 15 brainiacs who wanted to ride but whose bikes were also broken, not to mention the frazzled service staff who have more work than they can do.

You can, with a simple phone call, avoid all this hassle. We'll come get your bike, fix it up good as new, then bring it back to you at home or work. Then when Saturday comes, you're ready to ride! This convenient service is far more economical than the hours you can waste taking it in yourself, with traffic being what it is these days.We even offer substantial discounts for multiple bikes – if you have more than one, each additional bike is only ten dollars regardless of mileage.

The rates are affordable and simple to understand:

From within a 15 mile radius of Preston (which includes Issaquah, Bellevue and Factoria as well as North Bend) the fee is $35 for pickup and delivery, plus whatever repairs are needed.

From within a 35 mile radius (which includes Mercer Island, Seattle, Redmond, Renton etc.) the fee is $50 for pickup and delivery, plus whatever repairs are needed. The fee is only charged once for the round trip, and each additional bike is only ten dollars, regardless of mileage.

Our van can keep nicer bikes inside so they don't get rained on, and it also has a sturdy receiver hitch mounted rack on the outside. Each bike is wrapped in a soft blanket inside the van so it won't get to know its neighbors too well.

Try our Door to Door Service today – and save yourself the trouble tomorrow!


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