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What kinds of bikes do we fix?

Short answer: We fix 'em all!

We can do road bikes, mountain bikes, tandems, recumbents and just about any other type of bike you can bring us. Due to the small size of our shop space, we ask that you call ahead when bringing a big or long bike-such as a tandem or recumbent-but it is no problem to work on it.

We can also build custom wheels for these bikes, because they can at times be hard to find pre-built. This is one of the greatest services we can offer, versus online e-tailers. We can do custom builds of just about any wheel size you'd like. You can bring your ‘oddball’ parts in and we'll make it work, if it can be safely done!

What's a tuneup?

Our tuneups are excellent! Not only do we do the basic cable adjust and lube, frame wipedown, pad adjust deal that everyone does, we also service the hubs, tension and true the wheels, adjust the bottom bracket and headset, and we even throw in a thorough cleaning of the chain and cogs—all for $85!

And, every bike we tune gets a thorough frame cleaning and waxing. Yes, waxing! Just like the paint on a car, your bicycle frame is subject to oxidation, corrosion, chipping and UV degradation. Waxing it once a year will allow it to be visually inspected for cracks or damage (the most important part) and it will help prevent the formation or retard the spread of any rust or corrosion present. Or maybe the most important part is that it makes even an old bike look shiny and brand new!

If we find any problems with the frame, we'll talk to you about it and discuss what might need to be done. Otherwise, you'll get your bike back looking like new!


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